Payday Loans

African Advantage payday loans

African Advantage payday loans unique loan service that  that is designed for emmergency purposes. they offer 30-day loans ranging from R500 to R2 500. Through a once-off loan application, clients enjoy the added convenience of a revolving loan facility, which means that your original loan amount is always available, in line with repayments being made. Clients […]

ABSA Temporary Loan

ABSA Instant Loan – Temporary Loans from ABSA

ABSA Instant Loan gives you quick access to funds of up to R5 000 to be repaid in 35 days. Apply for one now online or at any ABSA ATM today if you need a quick cash. Skip filling out paperwork or sitting for hours on the phone. Requirements for ABSA Temporary Loan A good credit […]

Getbucks - Loans Online , Getbucks App or apply Via Whatsapp

Getbucks – Loans Online , Getbucks App or apply Via Whatsapp

GetBucks a registered credit provider who provide loans from R500 to R10,000 with a one month to twelve-month payback term. GetBucks don’t just provide credit but they assist you to make wise financial decisions. GetBucks provides instant online loans,  help you get your  budget on track. Getbucks Application form is available online or on the […]

Finchoice Flexi Loan

Finchoice Flexi Loan – Loan over the phone

Finchoice Flexi Loan short term loan of up to R8 000 and easy to apply over the phone or online all you need is to have the required documents and apply and get sorted instantly and have a financial power to do the things you need quickly get a 10 minutes application and get instant […]

Yuppie Cash

Yuppie Cash Loans – Up to R2,000

Yuppie Cash Loans provides Payday loans  with Fast Approval  from R100 to R2000. Apply for your short-term loan today and you’ll have your answer ASAP! Yuppie Cash Loans Requirements SA ID Number Work Details such as next pay date address and name of company Cell phone Number Yuppie Cash Contact Number Tel: 021 250 0013 Fax: 086 648 0456 […]

No Paperwork with Boodle Loans

No Paperwork with Boodle Loans

Apply online (no paper work) and get up to R2500 in minutes with Boodle short term loans.  They give instant personal cash loans in South Africa. No Paperwork. Once approved you will receive your instant cash within 10 minutes in your bank account. This instant loans company will be perfect for you if you need some extra cash in […]

Instant Decision with Wanna Loan?

Online loan application for loans between R500 And R3000 and an Instant decision with Wanna Loan?. You apply online easily and quickly and get instant reply.  For fast, paperless applications. Apply in minutes and get paid within an hour. Any employed person has high chances of approval since we focus only on the salary and not on the overall […]

5 Minute Loan Approval with Lime24

5 Minute Loan Approval with Lime24

Lime Loans South Africa T/A Lime 24 provides loans up to R5,000 with 5 minute loan aproval. Get Instant decision 24/7 & NO paperwork on mobile and web. Lime Loans Payday Loans Simply log into your Lime24 profile or register for one profile on, upload bank statement showing March salary and get cash. Make everyday a payday […]

Online Loans with Hopon Loans

Online Loans with Hopon Loans

With  Hopon loans you are able to apply on a loan with them for as much as R20 000 and you can view exactly how much you need to repay by selecting the repayment months in die sliders listed on the website. Why Hopon Loans? They offer a pure digital solution and this enables anyone […]

Payment within 24 Hours with Finance 27

Payment within 24 Hours with Finance 27

Finance 27 is a payday loan company servicing the whole of South Africa.  With Instant approval and same day payments you can be rest assured to get immediate attention. Finance 27 Loans Requirements Any South African citizen can to apply for a short to medium term loan. Applicants must have a valid South African ID, a […]